Pat and Patti share advice following 63 years of happy marriage

Sonia Lim 22 Feb 2021

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but the amazing love stories that live within our walls continue.

Take Pat and Patti for example. They met whilst dancing at the Esplanade Hotel in Newcastle – a beautiful intro where Pat literally swept Patti off her feet.

The pair shared a farm where they followed the demanding schedules of their milking cows. In fact, it was the cows that played a big part in the timing of their wedding on a special day 63 years ago now.

Over six decades the pair have had two amazing children and created some special memories that we love to hear.

Today, Pat and Patti live together in our RFBI West Wyalong Masonic Village.

Their advice for other couples is to never go to sleep with your last words to one another being negative.

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