Partnership with Key 2 Learning

Sonia Lim 18 Dec 2021

RFBI is delighted to have partnered with Key 2 Learning College to provide a series of tailored training and professional development programs for staff across our organisation.

The first program we launched was for our registered nurses and is a 12-month program developed on the back of a comprehensive skills gap analysis and organisation wide clinical audit. Participants will be paid for the time they spend in training and the time can be used towards their continuous professional development hours. The partnership reflects RFBI’s commitment to support staff in their professional development and will see the organisation investing close to half a million in the first year. RFBI’s registered nurses will be paid for the time they spend in training, and the course material can be used towards their continuous professional development hours.

RFBI Chief of Operations, Louanne Riboldi, is excited about the program and what it will bring to RFBI’s registered nurses and residents.

“In partnership with Key2Learning College, we have created a very unique and powerful  training program for our registered nurses,” commented Louanne Riboldi.

“As well as giving each registered nurse dedicated time to focus on their training and professional development, the training focuses on specific areas where we have identified  additional training is needed meaning each days’ training will translate into immediate benefits for our registered nurses, and for our residents.”

The Registered Nurse training program is just the first tailored training program Key 2 Learning College will deliver to RFBI staff. A leadership course for RFBI General Managers is next to be released, followed by a bespoke version of Key 2 Learning’s SuperCarer Course for RFBI carers.

Do you know anyone who would like to be an aged care superhero? With RFBI they can discover their aged care super powers and enjoy the benefits of being part of an award-winning
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