Nurturing well-being in Coffs Harbour sensory garden

Sonia Lim 6 Mar 2024
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In the heart of RFBI Coffs Harbour Masonic Village lies a sanctuary of tranquillity and rejuvenation—a garden that beckons residents to immerse themselves in a multisensory experience like no other. Nestled amidst lush greenery and vibrant blooms, this garden oasis serves as more than just a picturesque landscape; it is a therapeutic haven designed to engage, soothe, and uplift the senses of residents and is particularly beneficial to residents with dementia in our care.

Sensory gardens, renowned for their ability to stimulate the senses through a harmonious blend of colours, scents, textures, and sounds, hold a special place in our hearts at RFBI. Understanding the profound impact that nature has on well-being, particularly for individuals living with dementia, we have meticulously crafted our sensory garden to offer a holistic approach to care and support.

As residents meander through the winding pathways of the garden and tend to the plants, they are enveloped in a symphony of sensory delights. The vibrant hues of blooming flowers and foliage captivate the eye, instilling a sense of wonder and joy. The fragrance of the plants tentalises the olfactory senses and trigger a sense of serenity and nostalgia.

The gentle soundtrack of the rustle of leaves and chirping birds creates a tranquil ambiance that calms and mind and uplifts the spirit. For residents living with dementia, the sensory garden serves as a therapeutic retreat, offering moments of clarity, comfort, and connection in a safe and nurturing environment.

Studies have shown that exposure to nature and sensory stimulation can have profound benefits for individuals living with dementia, including reduced agitation and anxiety, improved mood and cognition, and enhanced overall well-being. At RFBI Coffs Harbour Masonic Village, we are committed to harnessing the healing power of nature to enrich the lives of our residents and promote holistic health and happiness.

As we continue to embrace the philosophy of person-centered care, our sensory garden remains a cornerstone of our commitment to providing exceptional quality of life for all residents.

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