Newcastle Regional Show 2019

Sonia Lim 25 Mar 2019

Newcastle Show Competition

Residents from RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village walked away winners at the Newcastle Regional Show. They were delighted to have taken home multiple prizes from both the ”Cooking” and “Artwork” competition and were awarded:

  • 1st place for Tomato Relish
  • 1st place Berry Jam
  • 1st place Christmas Wall Hanging, Rocking Horse Girls and Melbourne Cup Hats by Doreen Gregory
  • 1st place artwork by Beverly Grice
  • 2nd place Crocheted Blanket by Margaret McDermott

Lifestyle Officer, Rebecca Read spent her Saturday with residents making berry jam and tomato relish to enter the competition; only a few weeks prior to this event, staff at the Village had set up their own pop-up gallery displaying residents’ works for the Seniors Festival.

The residents truly enjoyed participating in these competitions and had a wonderful time cooking and making art. We are very proud of their efforts,” says Larissa Williams, General Manager.

It was lovely to see our residents coming together during their weekly craft group to build on their creative talent and bring out their individual style. Beverly Grice, a resident in the Banksia Housetook it upon herself to create her own artwork by sketching with charcoal.

Congratulations RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village!