Never Stop Making Wishes

Sonia Lim 19 Dec 2018

At RFBI we believe that you should never stop making wishes and at Goulburn Masonic Village our staff are making these wishes come true.

Earlier this year, Naomi and Edna, residents at the Village enjoyed a lovely day out at the Goulburn Workers Club to watch a ballroom dancing competition. Both women loved ballroom dancing when they were young and had wished to see it again.

Amongst the glitz and glamour there were entrants that ranged between 8 years to 70 years old. “I can’t believe at how young some of the dancers were; they were incredible!” exclaims Naomi.

“I loved watching the dancing, but I especially loved admiring the frocks the women wore. They were truly stunning.”

While residents’ wishes come in all forms, no matter how large or small the wish is, our staff at the Village will do all they can to grant these very special requests. This is the case for Edna, Mavis and their loved ones who all attended a Johnny Cash show some months ago.

“I adore Johnny Cash – I didn’t want the show to end”, says Mavis.

The RFBI “My Wish List” program is a fantastic initiative set up to enhance the life of residents living in our Villages. To do that one thing they have always wanted to do but never did. We are so grateful to our staff for thought and care that have gone into making these wishes come true and look forward to sharing more of these wonderful stories.