Mutual mischief brings connection in Hawkins

Sonia Lim 20 Jun 2022
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Connections for our older generation are vital for mental health and wellbeing. However, we do find that some residents struggle sometimes to open up within the village and can self-isolate. This can be for many reasons, whether they are that they have just joined our community and haven’t yet found their way into our group activities, they lack the confidence to socialise with people who they haven’t yet built a connection with, or because they do have severe dementia that makes it difficult for them to connect.

Our Leisure & Lifestyle teams across our villages are always on the lookout for interesting people and activities that will engage all members of our communities in different and unique ways. When we came across Maurie and Drew of The Outside in Collective, we reached out to have them visit our RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village for some creative engagement.

The pair call themselves Engagement Specialists and specialise in engaging aged care residents, particularly those with dementia, who have not connected with the greater community, using techniques they deem as ‘smartassery’ and ‘mutually mischievous’.

With ukulele and sharp wit in tow, their sessions have become a regular activity in our village and incorporate music, song, playful banter, jokes, yarns, comedy, slapstick, advice and imaginary play. Maurie has years of experience in performing arts and specialises in providing even the most socially withdrawn aged care residents with meaningful, human interaction.

Residents have really engaged the creative engagement sessions and ask us regularly when their new friends will return again.

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