Moonbi residents treated to a bee story

Sonia Lim 14 Apr 2021
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Our residents hold so much knowledge and wisdom, but they also love to keep learning. So our team members across our villages are continuously looking for opportunities to bring special guests in and provide interesting experiences that our residents can share with each other, enjoy and learn from.

Recently our RFBI Moonbi Masonic Village were treated to a bee themed happy hour complete with a presentation on the importance of the little black and yellow creatures from Garth. As pollinators, bees play a part in every aspect of our ecosystem. They support the growth of trees, flowers and plants, which provide food and shelter to us. So they are an interesting insect to learn more about.

The feedback from the themed event was fantastic, with residents saying they had a great time and learnt a lot about the vital roles bee play in the health of our environment. For more information on RFBI Moonbi Masonic Village click here.