Meet Coro Innominata and Viva La Musica Choir

Sonia Lim 12 Dec 2020
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The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all this year and in many different ways. We have all experienced some form of isolation and distance from loved ones, we have had new restrictions and rules imposed so that we can all stay safe and for many it has also impacted our ability to work. But perhaps none more so than those working in the entertainment industry which has been one of the hardest hit by this pandemic and the slowest to recover.

So when we started approaching performers to be part of our show, we were even more grateful when our performers, many of whom had not worked since the start of the pandemic, happily volunteered their time so that they could be part of the show and lift the spirits of older Australians.

Meet Coro Innominata (Latin for ‘choir without a name’) who have been singing together for 26 years and is usually made up of between 25 and 30 singers from all walks of life. When the pandemic hit, their 2020 program of concerts was cancelled and they have not been able to sing together as a group since March. Today (Saturday 12 December) was their first time singing together and it was as much an emotional and spiritual lift for them as it was for us in studio.

“We have been rehearsing together over zoom for an hour each week, but it is not the same.” shared Catherine O’Neill, one of Coro Innominata’s singers.

“Being here today and being able to sing all together has been a wonderful experience and has reminded us all just how much singing in this choir means to us.”

“I have been performing Christmas carols for over 30 years, and I was beginning to worry that this would be a Christmas with no carols! I’m very pleased to be part of this show and be able to sing Carols this year, particularly after so much time not being able to perform at all.”

“Like all of us in the choir I am delighted to be part of it and wish everyone watching the Big Christmas Sing A Long a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Another choir performing for the Big Christmas Sing-a-Long is Brisbane’s Viva La Musica Community Choir — a group of 40 singers who have been performing together for 13 years. Lead by Choir Director, Rhonda Davidson-Irwin, this choir group usually performs all over Brisbane but like most artists, have not been able to perform since the pandemic hit in March.  Friday 11 December was their first time singing together and it was as much an emotional and spiritual lift for them as it was for us in studio.

“We have been quasi rehearsing together over zoom, but it is not the same.” Shared Anne Atkinson, singer in the Choir

“Being able to come together to sing as we used to was a very emotional experience and reminded us all just how much singing in this choir means to us.”

As the industry has shut down around the globe, Australia’s own world class musicians and conductors that would normally be touring the world are staying at home and happy to share their talents to bring joy to others.

“The Big Christmas Sing A Long has included some of the world’s best musicians and an internationally acclaimed conductor, who would not normally be available.” Commented Rhonda Davidson-Irwin.

“It is a wonderful silver lining of the pandemic that it has resulted in there being so many wonderful performers and musicians here to be part of the show. They have all been thrilled to be part of it.”

If you haven’t already purchased a ticket to our Big Christmas Sing-a-Long which will be livestreamed on Thursday 17 December from 1pm at www.bigchristmassingalong.com make sure you do. You do not want to miss this amazing show.

You can also learn more about Coro Innominata’s musical program for 2021 that celebrates The Arts and the Women’s Composers Development Program designed to support women to progress their careers as composers by visiting their website https://www.innominata.org/