Magic in the air at Benhome

Sonia Lim 11 Aug 2023
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In a burst of enchantment and wonder, RFBI Benhome Masonic Village recently had the pleasure of hosting a captivating visit by Joel from JD’s World of Magic. On a bright Monday morning, our residents were treated to a spellbinding performance that transported them to a realm of childhood nostalgia and pure delight.

As Joel took centre stage, the atmosphere brimmed with excitement. The residents and staff were in for a treat as he showcased a blend of mesmerising tricks, masterful juggling skills, and light-hearted humour that brought smiles to all faces. With each flourish and sleight of hand, he effortlessly commanded the attention of the crowd, drawing them into a world where the impossible became possible.

The room buzzed with astonishment as Joel worked his magic, producing doves seemingly out of thin air and even conjuring his charming rabbit, Carpenter, to the amazement of the audience.

For some of our residents, this magical experience marked their first encounter with a magician, and their expressions of wonder and awe were truly heartwarming.

We are delighted to facilitate and share these moments with you. Each event, each smile, and each connection are testament to the vibrant spirit of RFBI Benhome Masonic Village.

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