Love was in the air at RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village

Sonia Lim 14 Feb 2021
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Our Leisure & Lifestyle team love to get creative when it comes to sharing activities with residents that boost wellness within our villages. And we believe love should be celebrated at all ages.

For some of our residents, Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate long marriages or new relationships, for others it as an opportunity to cherish memories from the past. And that celebration is not just confined to romantic partners – it extends to family and friends too.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder to enjoy a loving state of mind and to express gratitude. So it’s an important one on the calendar each year.

This year our staff at RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village celebrated Valentine’s Day with a special luncheon (because food is the language of love) of delicious lamb shanks and grilled salmon, and of course some tasty, sweet treats. Residents reminisced together about their most cherished memories of love, smelt fresh florals and listened to popular love tunes.

It was a special day enjoyed by all.

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