Love in full bloom on Valentine’s Day

Sonia Lim 15 Feb 2024
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Love filled the air in RFBI as residents and staff came together to celebrate the joy of Valentine’s Day in a truly heartwarming manner. From delightful high teas to creative paint and sip classes, the spirit of love that transcends age and time shone through across all villages.

In RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village, the festivities kicked off with a beautiful high tea, where residents were treated to an array of delectable treats and enchanting performances. Renowned entertainer Charlie Saleba, a favourite among the residents, took centre stage, captivating hearts with his mesmerising melodies and infectious charm. As residents swayed to the music and basked in the warmth of his soulful tunes, the essence of love permeated every corner of the room.

But the celebrations didn’t end there. Donna, our dedicated Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator, organised a special paint and sip experience with a Valentine’s Day twist. Residents gathered eagerly, brushes in hand, ready to unleash their creativity onto the canvas. With each stroke of the brush, they expressed their unique visions of love, laughter, and cherished memories, transforming blank canvases into vibrant works of art.

As the paint dried and the colours came to life, the residents affectionately dubbed themselves the ‘Picasso Group’, a fitting tribute to their newfound passion for artistry and expression.

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