Local kids donate artwork to Basin View residents

Sonia Lim 8 Apr 2024
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In a heartwarming gesture of kindness and generosity, the children at Peak Sports and Learning donated their wonderful, creative artwork to the residents of RFBI Basin View Masonic Village in celebration of Valentine’s Day. With love and creativity, the children crafted beautiful pieces of art, pouring their hearts into each creation to bring joy and happiness to the residents of RFBI.

The thoughtful gesture highlighted the thoughtfulness of the children, who eagerly prepared their artwork days in advance, ensuring that each piece was dry and perfect for presentation to the residents. Their dedication and enthusiasm were truly touching.

For the residents of RFBI Basin View Masonic Village, receiving these heartfelt artworks was a moment of pure delight. Each piece served as a reminder of the kindness and thoughtfulness that exists within their local community, filling their hearts with warmth and appreciation.

As we reflect on this beautiful act of kindness, we are reminded of the importance of spreading love and joy to others, especially during times of celebration. The children at Peak Sports and Learning have set a shining example of compassion and generosity, inspiring us all to embrace the spirit of giving and to cherish the connections that bind us together.

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