Llama visit brings joy to Benhome

Sonia Lim 8 Jun 2023
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RFBI Benhome Masonic Village was recently graced with a special visit from two adorable llamas. The residents and staff eagerly anticipated these delightful guests, knowing that the llamas always bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

The llamas were two of a herd of 40 found on local farm, The Llama Collective. This was Tyrion and Ambrose’s second visit to RFBI Benhome, and they again showed their gentle, well-trained nature as they patiently and inquisitively interacted with residents and staff.

Their majestic presence and charming personalities lit up the atmosphere, filling it with joy and laughter. Residents couldn’t help but form instant connections with Tyrion and Ambrose, cherishing the opportunity to pet and interact with these friendly creatures.

The visit from the llamas provided a unique and memorable experience for everyone at RFBI Benhome Masonic Village. It served as a reminder of the positive impact that animal encounters can have on the wellbeing and happiness of all individuals, not just residents.

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