Live music therapy in Bellingen

Sonia Lim 17 Nov 2023
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The power of music takes centre stage in a heartwarming program that brings immeasurable joy to residents in RFBI Bellingen Masonic Village. Live music therapy has become a cornerstone of our community, creating moments of connection, nostalgia and sheer delight.

Residents eagerly anticipate these sessions, immersing themselves in the melodies that fill the air. We know music therapy offers numerous benefits to residents with a range of conditions, including dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s a great way to improve self-expression and communication, socialisation and connection, and relieves stress. Who doesn’t love listening to their favourite tune!

Residents not only sing along with enthusiasm but also find their feet tapping and bodies swaying, caught in the irresistible rhythm of the music. Among the stars of this musical show are some truly remarkable individuals:

  • Harold, with his animated gestures, takes on the role of conductor, guiding the musical journey with graceful waves of his finger.
  • Rex is a vocal virtuoso, his voice blending seamlessly with the tunes, filling the room with a melody that warms the soul.
  • Geoffrey finds his own special dance partner in Volunteer Roseanne, their movements a graceful tribute to the music’s embrace.
  • Ruta needs no invitation to dance; she effortlessly weaves through the melodies, each step a testament to her boundless spirit.

For these residents, the music isn’t just a fleeting pleasure; it’s a lifeline to treasured memories, a source of immeasurable happiness, and a balm for the soul.

Residents look forward to the music therapy sessions and enjoy the books provided for them to be able to sing along. Our music therapy is one of the many activities which creates the vibrant community that thrives in Bellingen.

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