Little lamb brings a smile to Leeton residents

Sonia Lim 18 Jul 2022
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Our RFBI Leeton Masonic Village residents relived childhood memories and enjoyed a few cuddles with a special visitor – Freezer, the one-week-old lamb.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful community that support our commitment to pet therapy for our residents, bringing in their pets for residents to meet, pat and interact with. We know that pet therapy offers many benefits to our residents, from bringing happiness and joy to breaking down feelings of isolation and encouraging interaction with others.

In fact, the benefits of a pet visiting a village lasts long after our visitor leaves. Our residents have a wonderful time talking about the experience and sharing stories about their childhood with their own pets.

Our residents loved seeing the little lamb and giving Freezer a pat and a cuddle. They had a smile on their faces for the rest of the day and are already looking forward to another pet to visit again soon.

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