Little chicks and ducklings bring joy to our residents

Sonia Lim 25 Mar 2020

Hatching Chicks at RFBI Berry Masonic Village

Little chicks and ducklings are bringing smiles to the faces of our residents and staff at RFBI Berry Masonic Village as they delight in hearing peeping noises coming from inside the eggs and observing the little chicks slowly peck their way out of the eggs. For a couple of weeks, our Village in Berry is hosting 10 baby chicks and ducklings, watching them grow and caring for them.

The program by Hatching Eggs is designed to provide residents with the opportunity to watch eggs hatching in a specially designed incubator, and then to observe the hatched chicks at play in a large, clear-sided brooding pen. Once the baby chicks and ducklings are 2-days old, residents can enjoy gently touching and holding them.

After the two week period, the chicks and ducks can be adopted or returned to Hatching Chicks for re-homing.

From lowering blood pressure to boosting moods and improving communication between residents and staff, pet therapy has been know to provide numerous benefits and increase the quality of life for our residents. Our Lifestyle teams are regularly organise special animal activities such as these to add another dimension to the Leisure & Lifestyle Program. To read more about the fun programs organised at our Village, visit https://rfbi.com.au//news-events/