Lindy Twyford, National Hospitality Manager Award Winner

Sonia Lim 19 Nov 2018

Congratulations Lindy Twyford – Winner of the Hospitality & Lifestyle Aged Care Awards 2018! Lindy, RFBI Hospitality Manager took home the Hospitality Manager Award for her outstanding contribution to RFBI’s catering services and ability to lead and inspire our catering teams across 21 RFBI Residential Care Villages.

HLACA 2018 Hospitality Award Winner

Lindy has been a valued member of the RFBI team for 27 years and has used her extensive knowledge and experience to create a high quality meal service program. She has supported a number of staff to expand their catering knowledge through the completion of formal qualifications and in Dubbo, has partnered with TAFE to establish an onsite kitchen skills course for staff at RFBI Dubbo Masonic Village.

“It is a real privilege for me to be able to drive the meal experiences across RFBI and work with all of our teams so that our residents get quality meals and a varied menu.” commented Lindy.

One very successful initiative that Lindy has spearheaded is the establishment of RFBI’s Fine Dining Experience. Established a couple of years ago, it has seen every Village offer a unique restaurant like experience that residents and their guests can enjoy. Lindy also places and importance in the meal experience and support maximum resident dignity. She has introduced a new clothing protectors, replacing bibs and standardised high quality crockery that includes ‘invisible’ assistance for those with dexterity issues

“Enjoying a meal is more than just the food, so I encourage teams to look at the complete dining experience and how we can make it as enjoyable as possible.” says Lindy.

Tomkins Crockery

Lindy’s dedication to her role and her residents has seen her seconded to villages across RFBI to support their food programs. She truly has refined the quality of food, brought knowledge and passion of the staff and improved the quality of life both physically and mentally for our residents. She is a true gem.

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