“Let’s get physical”

Nicole Vlamis 20 Apr 2020

Regular exercise and physical activity is important at any age and our teams are not letting social distancing restrictions get in the way.

Residents from RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village could give 80s well-known fitness icons Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons a run for their money as they participated in their first ever live-stream movement-with-music class with exercise instructor, Karen, who has been leading the sessions for over a year now.

Dubbed as her ‘dancing divas’, Karen was very happy to see the smiling faces of her regulars and is absolutely loving being able to stay connected with them.

“Seeing Karen on the TV almost feels like nothing has changed,” said Anthea, resident of the Village.

General Manager, James Figallo, commented, “We are all very pleased at how well the first live-streamed class went.”

“Our residents all got involved and had a great time.”

Move aside Jane Fonda, a new workout crew is here!

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