Leeton residents hit the mall

Sonia Lim 27 Dec 2023
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In a delightful excursion that combined retail therapy with social connection, residents Barbara and Rita of RFBI Leeton Masonic Village recently enjoyed a bus outing to the local shopping mall. Facilitated by our dedicated team, the outing provided not just a change of scenery but also an opportunity for residents to engage in the simple joys of a day out.

Leaving the village behind, the trio ventured to La Fresca, a local coffee shop, where they savoured the warmth of a cup of coffee and indulged in the camaraderie that comes with shared moments. Energised by their coffee break, they explored Millers and Barbara, in the spirit of celebrating an upcoming event in style, found a lovely top that caught her eye. The journey continued with a visit to the Reject Shop, adding a touch of variety to the outing.

Over lunch upon returning Rita said, “I really enjoyed the outing, and it was good to get out and about to the shops.” The morning tea treat, a jelly slice, sparked nostalgic conversations, with Rita reminiscing about making them at home.

Barbara, rating the outing 9/10, echoed the sentiment of being among people and the positive impact it had on her. These outings serve as more than just shopping trips; they are opportunities for residents to engage with the community, make personal choices, and relish the simple pleasures of life.

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