Leeton residents come second in local Christmas tree competition

Sonia Lim 9 Jan 2024
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In the spirit of festive creativity, RFBI Leeton Masonic Village once again showcased its artistic prowess in the Annual Lions Club Christmas Tree Competition held in November.

Our beautiful Christmas tree, a true labour of love, stands adorned with unique decorations – fabric patches, tissue paper, small gift boxes and a star made from a coat hanger. The sparkle and charm on the tree came from a very generous resident, Judy, who gave some of her beautiful earrings to adorn the tree.

This year’s Christmas tree theme was inspired by Judy’s love of earrings and took out second place in the competition.

Residents gave their time and creativity to create the place-winning tree.  From sticking fabric patches onto the tree’s frame to carefully selecting and placing the earrings, every step was a testament to the residents’ enthusiasm and the joy of communal creation.

Throughout the experience the residents joked about what Neville would think when they saw Judy’s earrings displayed on their creation.

Laughter echoed through the village as the tree took shape, embodying not just festive cheer but the bonds of friendship and shared stories.

Participating in the Yanco Lions Club Christmas Tree Competition for the past three years, RFBI Leeton Masonic Village has not only brought home prizes but has also become an integral part of the local community’s holiday traditions.

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