Lake Haven’s gardening group embark on Bunnings Adventure

Sonia Lim 17 Apr 2024
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The gardening enthusiasts of RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village embarked on an exciting community outing to Bunnings recently, igniting their passion for plants and gardening in a whole new way. On Friday, residents from the village ventured to Bunnings for a day filled with exploration, inspiration, and plenty of surprises.

As they stepped into the vast expanse of Bunnings, the group was awestruck by the sheer size of the store and the incredible variety of items on offer – they even joked about finding “everything, including the kitchen sink!” Laughter filled the air as residents marvelled at the extensive garden section, eagerly browsing through rows of vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and gardening supplies.

With their green thumbs itching for action, the group spent ample time selecting plants for their next gardening project. Passionfruit vines emerged as the clear favourite, with residents eagerly anticipating the prospect of nurturing these fruitful vines to life. Succulents were also a popular choice, promising to add a touch of greenery and charm to their living spaces.

After an exciting day of exploring, the group took a well-deserved break at the in-house café, enjoying a delightful morning tea whilst sharing stories and bonding over their shared love for gardening. It was a day of inspiration for residents to get their hands dirty and bring their gardening dreams to life.

We can’t wait to see their chosen plants in our already thriving Lake Haven gardens thanks to our skilled gardening group.

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