Lake Haven challenged to try being left-handed

Sonia Lim 21 Sep 2021
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Did you know that around 10% of Australians are left-handed? Including some of our amazing team and residents. Our Leisure & Lifestyle team at RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village decided to celebrate our ‘lefties’ this year by holding a special activity on Left Handers Day (13 August).

Our residents and staff challenged themselves to do some of their everyday activities with their left hand instead of their right, to understand some of the challenges that left handers face daily. Things like using scissors, buttering bread, and writing their own names became a lot more complicated when staff and residents were asked to use their non-dominant hand.

Of course, quite a few of our residents and staff found the challenge easy – being left-handed naturally.

Why not give it a go yourself! Can you write your name with your non-dominant hand?

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