Keeping residents mesmerised for days

Sonia Lim 19 Aug 2019

RFBI Armidale Masonic Village Hatching Eggs

Recently, employees and residents at RFBI Armidale Masonic Village embarked on a fun project to incubate and hatch chicken eggs. Starting Wednesday 11 July, the team incubated 12 chicken eggs and after one week did a process called “candle-lighting” to see if any embryos were growing in the eggs. On day 14, residents were very excited to be able to clearly see the baby chicks growing.

The 21-day process has had everyone keeping a watchful eye on the incubation unit and finally on Wednesday 24 July, they welcomed their first chicken! The new baby chick will join the Village’s three other chickens outside in the gardens in the next 5-6 weeks. It has been an exciting journey for both residents and employees. They are looking forward to incubating more eggs with the knowledge and experience they now have and are hoping for a higher success rate.

This easy, fun, do-it-yourself program provide a welcomed change from everyday routine and had our residents were mesmerised from the time they first observe the eggs rocking inside the hatcher and hear little chirps coming from within.

Seeing a chick hatch touches everyone’s heart no matter how young or old. Read about more fun programs at our Villages at https://rfbi.com.au//news-events/