Joyful return of chick and duck hatching in Berry

Sonia Lim 1 Jun 2023

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RFBI Berry Masonic Village recently welcomed back an eagerly anticipated program that brought immense joy and excitement to both residents and staff. Thanks to the generosity of the Masonic Auxiliary, the chick and duck hatching program made its return, creating unforgettable moments and heart-warming interactions within the village community.

Staff and residents tended and cared for the eggs in the incubator and brooder. The anticipation grew every passing day, and it was common for staff to check and monitor the eggs for signs of life regularly throughout their shifts.

When the adorable chicks and ducks finally made their debuts, the village came alive with excitement and wonder. Each bird was named as it hatched and attracted a lot of attention from staff, residents, grandchildren and other visitors to the village. The baby birds had a particular impact on our House 1 (secured dementia unit) residents, who developed a profound connection with the birds.

The program served as a catalyst for engaging conversations and precious moments of connection, nurturing a sense of well-being and warmth within the residents. We believe these little birds have become the most photographed in Berry!

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