John and Judy Martin celebrate diamond wedding anniversary

Sonia Lim 16 Jan 2020

John and Judy Martin, residents at RFBI Moonbi Masonic Village recently celebrated 60 wonderful years of marriage. Together with their family and friends, they feasted on with a lovely meal catered by the Village catering team. A talented fellow resident and friend, Louise Foley drew a beautiful portrait of John and Judy as a gift. Across their room, are pictures of the times the pair spent together.

John Martin met Judy when she was a young child who lived up the street. Fifteen years later, the couple got married in the registry office six months after they were engaged in 1959.

“The trick to a long marriage is to think together and listen,” Mr. Martin said.

Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating such a beautiful day.

Teams across RFBI Villages enjoy celebrating these happy occasions with their residents and often organise a little something special to make it a memorable one. Read more about special events that happen at our Villages at https://rfbi.com.au//news-events/