Indoor bowls creates competition and camaraderie

Sonia Lim 24 Jul 2023
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RFBI Tamworth Masonic Village recently hosted an exciting game of indoor bowls, bringing joy and friendly competition to its residents. The event provided a wonderful opportunity for residents to come together, socialise, and engage in a fun activity with a little healthy competition.

With enthusiasm and support for one another, the residents embraced the game, cheering each other on and showcasing their skills. Laughter filled the air as everyone took turns aiming for the target, enjoying the friendly rivalry and camaraderie.

Activities like indoor bowls are fantastic for entertaining residents but also promoting physical activity and mental stimulation. The game encourages hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, and friendly interaction among the residents. It was a heartwarming sight to witness the sense of accomplishment and joy on their faces as they celebrated their shots and each other’s successes.

Our team prioritises creating engaging experiences that promote social connections and enhance the wellbeing of our residents. We believe that these activities play a vital role in fostering a vibrant and supportive community within our village.

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