How Ya Bean

Sonia Lim 11 Oct 2019

How Ya Bean at RFBI Leeton Masonic Village

Recently, a local Leeton coffee van service ‘How Ya Bean’ has been popping by RFBI Leeton Masonic Village every Thursday morning, to provide freshly brewed takeaway coffee for residents, their families and staff. It has been a lovely way to break up the day and something our residents and staff look forward to – a delicious cup of yummy coffee.

Its van named ‘Betsy’ has encouraged residents to take a walk to the van, have a chat with the vendor and join others on the alfresco or in the Village’s coffee shop and socialise. It is also a fantastic way for residents and their families to spend time together.

At RFBI, we support and keep connected with our local communities. Read more about the support our local businesses at https://rfbi.com.au//news-events/