Honouring our Veterans on Remembrance Day

Sonia Lim 13 Nov 2023
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As Remembrance Day unfolded over the weekend, RFBI villages took a minute of silence and held ceremonies to come together and acknowledge all who sacrificed for our country.

Every year residents and staff pay tribute to the brave people who fought for the freedoms we enjoy every day. Many of the residents in our villages have a story or two about a family member, friend or loved who sacrificed during war, or about their own sacrifices.

In RFBI Coffs Harbour Masonic Village, the team created a touching morning tea for all to participate in. The highlight of the gathering was the moving service led by Pardre, which added a solemn and respectful tone to the proceedings. Residents and staff gathered to pay tribute to the veterans who have played a vital role in shaping the nation’s history.

Meanwhile, at RFBI Bellingen Masonic Village, the day’s activities were uniquely enriched by the presence of two remarkable local volunteers, Kevin and Moira. Notably, Kevin and Moira are not just passionate contributors to their community; they are also individuals with a profound connection to War Service. The duo, who participated in a service within the township of Bellingen on Remembrance Day itself, dedicated their time to commemorate the occasion with residents a day early.

The visit proved to be a moving experience, as the couple shared not only their own stories but also brought along a collection of historical artifacts. Among these were various sabres and swords, each with its own unique story. From a curved dagger dating back to the 12th century during the Genghis Khan era to Cossack sabres, a Japanese sword, and small daggers crafted under challenging circumstances, the collection was a testament to the rich tapestry of military history.

Residents were captivated by the historical artifacts, engaging in lively discussions about the significance of each piece, the craftsmanship involved, and the historical contexts in which they were used. The atmosphere was one of mutual respect and shared appreciation for the sacrifices made by generations past.

The event concluded with a solemn moment of reflection, as everyone stood together, hands on hearts, listening to the Last Post. It was a powerful conclusion to a day filled with remembrance and gratitude for those who have given so much in service to their country.

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