Holt residents welcome YMCA kids back to the village

Sonia Lim 2 Mar 2021
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Our residents cherish spending quality time with children, and creating a bond between children and our senior generation has endless benefits to both parties involved.

For our residents, it offers the opportunity for physical activity, the chance to laugh, play and enjoy the spirit that children bring to our villages. It’s also an opportunity for them to share knowledge with the younger generation.

For the kids, it’s a chance to learn about different generations, to reduce any fear of older adults and receive unconditional care and attention.

Our staff understand the importance of bringing these two generations together, and look for opportunities to connect them in the same environment. Due to COVID-19, those visits have been limited lately. However, recently the kids from YMCA Childcare Centre dropped by to pay the residents at RFBI Holt Masonic Village a visit.

Social distancing and our important COVID-19 protocols kept the children and teachers outside, but the residents turned up to welcome the children back. They left some big smiles on our resident’s faces that day.

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