Holt residents explore nature together

Sonia Lim 5 Mar 2024
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One sunny, bright Friday morning residents in RFBI Holt Masonic Village residents embarked on a memorable bus adventure into the great outdoors.

As the bus rumbled to life, anticipation filled the air, and smiles adorned the faces of our residents as they embarked on their excursion. The destination? A tranquil lake nestled amidst the picturesque landscape—a haven of serenity and natural beauty that awaited their exploration.

Residents disembarked the bus to a beautiful warm sun, gentle breeze and greetings from the local lake birdlife. Together they embarked on a leisurely stroll around the lake, taking in the sights.

Amidst the lush greenery and shimmering waters, residents gathered in a shaded area overlooking the lake, where they indulged in a delightful morning tea accompanied by yummy ice cream.

The lake sparkled, nature was at its finest and the company was great! We can’t wait for our next bus outing.

Residents returned home with hearts full of memories and smiles that stretched for miles, they carried with them the promise of more adventures yet to come.

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