Harmony Day celebrates difference by bringing residents together

Sonia Lim 2 Apr 2022
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Harmony Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate cultural diversity and inclusiveness across our villages. It’s an event that celebrates a sense of belonging for all, an important part of our vision for our village communities. Our homes are designed to provide a place where respect is given to all and everyone belongs and feels comfortable. Our RFBI Leeton Masonic Village celebrated Harmony Day this year a little differently.

Our staff organised a group session and conversation about diversity and harmony. Residents were each given a different coloured hat that was unique to each individual.

We enjoyed morning tea together, listened to tunes from around the world and spoke about the various cultures we experience within the village. We shared why it was important to acknowledge one another’s culture and respect one another as individuals.

Most importantly, we explained that the hats were a metaphor. We can all think of ourselves as hats – unique and individual, but also the same and therefore deserved of the same consideration and respect.

What a valuable reminder to all!

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