Hand-eye coordination practice in Cessnock

Sonia Lim 4 Jan 2023
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As we age, some of the activities that came so easily previously become a little bit more challenging. Hand-eye coordination unfortunately is one of them – as the brain ages, it can struggle to communicate efficiently with your hands to help you carry out movements efficiently, correctly and rapidly (when needed).

Across our villages, we engage residents in activities that involve hand-eye coordination to help them work that part of the brain and continue to practice that skill. Activities include music, crafts, cooking, sports and hobbies, such as sewing or woodcraft.

Our RFBI Cessnock Masonic Village tried a different approach, organising a nerf gun game for the men within the village. The men had a great time attempting to shoot the little bunnies placed in the village. A few staff even offered to provide moving targets for those who needed a little more challenge.

It was a great way to work those hand-eye coordination skills and keep the mind moving.

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