Goulburn’s favourite local band is back for visits

Sonia Lim 23 Sep 2022

The Goulburn Regional Ukulele Band (GRUB) is back!

One of our RFBI Goulburn Masonic Village resident’s favourite local bands, GRUB, has returned to perform in the village after COVID-19 prevented them from doing so for some time.

The band is made up of a talented group of ukulele players of all ages and musical abilities who share the joy of music and sing and perform some of the resident’s favourite songs. Their visits are always a hit and something residents look forward to – they’ve certainly missed the monthly performances.

Music, particularly live performance, has a powerful impact on residents. It evokes memories and has an uplifting, positive benefit to the mental and physical wellbeing of residents. Music has also been shown through studies to improve memory function and communication.

And, importantly, it offers a good reason to get up and have a dance!

Thank you to GRUB Band for treating residents and staff to another special performance. We appreciate your visits and are thrilled to have you back for visits.

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