Goulburn residents write to their new pen pal

Sonia Lim 15 Oct 2022
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Letters are like long-distance hugs for seniors – they are a heartfelt way to show that you are thinking of them. Residents across our villages continue to appreciate receiving letters from loved ones and responding to them as well.

Letter writing is a great way to boost cognitive abilities, invites self-expression and memory sharing, and breaks feelings of isolation.

So when little Abigail asked her mum, Nicole, if she could find a pen pal and Nicole called our team at RFBI Goulburn Masonic Village if anyone would be interested, you can imagine the response.

Residents were thrilled to have someone to write to regularly and have been sending and receiving letters from Abigail ever since. The residents in the village come together as a group to craft responses to Abigail’s letters – the experience has brought everyone together and is something they look forward to.

If you would like to become a pen pal of residents within one of our villages, contact your local village. Find your local village by clicking here.