Goulburn chocolate fundraiser a sweet success

Sonia Lim 11 Dec 2023
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In a delightful celebration of all things sweet, RFBI Goulburn Masonic Village recently embarked on a Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser, turning a 28-day period into a chocolate-filled extravaganza that not only satisfied sweet cravings but also contributed to a worthy cause. Launched on National Chocolate Day on October 28, we kicked off the fundraiser with a delectable community gathering featuring residents and staff and a lot of chocolatey goodness.

The day began with the presentation of the chocolate boxes, and with the residents’ enthusiastic involvement, the team embarked on the creation of chocolate crackles (rice crispies). The air was filled with the delightful aroma of chocolate, setting the tone for an afternoon of indulgence as everyone savoured the treats they had made and promoted the upcoming fundraiser.

Throughout the 28-day period, the commitment to the cause extended beyond the village premises. Staff members took boxes of chocolates home to sell, and their efforts were met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the community.

Donna, Lifestyle Coordinator, expressed her gratitude for the fantastic response, highlighting the collective effort that made the fundraiser a success.

In total, 20 boxes of chocolates were sold, and the chocolate drive raised an impressive $400. This sum will go towards supporting the RFBI Benevolence Program, continuing the village’s tradition of making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in times of need.

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