Gardening club blooms in Raleigh Urunga

Sonia Lim 4 Nov 2021
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All keen gardeners know that there is a sense of good health and countless benefits to spending time outdoors tending the garden. Getting your hands dirty, growing your own blooms and produce, and connecting with nature is nourishing for the mind and soul, and is a welcome activity across our aged care villages.

Most of our residents have grown up planting, tending and harvesting from their own vegetable gardens, pruning roses, and caring for their yards. And many of our residents have that same love for gardening that they enjoyed years ago.

Having access to a garden in our villages is a great way for them to get some healthy time outdoors, build friendships and feel like they are contributing to their home. So when residents requested we create a gardening club at RFBI Raleigh Urunga Masonic Village recently, we were more than happy to oblige!

Our team purchased a veggie pod and our residents chose the vegetables they’d like to grow. We then held a planting party, complete with sausage sizzle of course. Residents had a great time planting the seedlings with the help of our gardener, Karla.

The residents have decided to sell the veggies and herbs to our staff to take home, and use the money to go towards buying more plants to grow in the future.

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