Gardening a labour of love in Holt

Sonia Lim 14 Jun 2022
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Our residents and team at RFBI Holt Masonic Village aren’t letting the windy, wet weather hold us back from our passion for getting our hands dirty in the garden. Margret, Patricia, Ann and Joan put their green thumbs to work to plant succulents, money trees and other greens throughout the village, in their rooms and as a gift to loved ones. Our Leisure & Lifestyle team helped residents to pot their new plants and tend to them.

We now have some wonderful greenery around our village to keep everyone feeling happy and healthy.

Gardening is an extremely beneficial activity for our residents. Not only do our residents enjoy using their hands to plant and grow, it’s also a great form of exercise, helps mobility and flexibility, encourages the use of all motor skills, improves endurance and strength, and reduces stress levels.

If you notice our gardens looking wonderful, you’ll know why – it’s our resident’s labour of love.

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