Friendship is pure happiness

Sonia Lim 30 Jul 2019

International Friendship DayFriends are an important part of our lives and at our Villages across RFBI, we aim to create a caring environment where friendships can develop and thrive between our residents, families, employees and volunteers.

This International Friendship Day, we celebrate and appreciate the wonderful friendships we have in our lives.

“The friendships we see residents create within the Village truly makes a difference to their wellbeing,” says Mark Boyd-Skinner, Lifestyle Officer from RFBI Berry Masonic Village.

International Friendship Day

Residents at RFBI Berry Masonic Village

“I’ve noticed one of our residents, Geoffrey, has struck up a good friendship with a gentleman he met in his dining room and now they can often be seen sharing a joke with each other. Other residents like Grahame who has become friends with a husband and wife in the Village regularly encourages them to join in the activities we have organised.”

Residents at RFBI Kurri Kurri Masonic Village having lunch at the local bowling club.

“At RFBI Leeton Masonic Village, we organise activities that involve our regular volunteers, community visitors, as well as retirement living residents which encourages our residents to form new friendships,” says Jo Edwards, Lifestyle Officer.

International Friendship Day

June Macauley, resident and Marcia Ashworth, volunteer at RFBI Leeton Masonic Village

International Friendship Day

Joan Lucas, residential care resident and Reiko, retirement living resident at RFBI Leeton Masonic Village

At RFBI, we also value the importance of friendship at work.

“Friendship in the workplace is an essential element for a happy and stable work environment. It does not just mean your work colleagues, this can also include your clients, residents and others you engage with daily,” says Natalie Banister, Human Resource Manager.

Studies have shown that physical health and regular social contact are two key elements that helps improve the quality of life for both our employees and residents. Friendship can help reduce stress, prevent dementia, facilitate recovery and has been proven to inspire others to make better lifestyle choices.

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