Friendly indoor bowls in Coffs Harbour

Sonia Lim 18 Aug 2023
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Step into the lively atmosphere of RFBI Coffs Harbour Masonic Village on a Tuesday afternoon and you’ll find a heartwarming scene unfold. Residents from all walks of life gather in the wellness centre for an enjoyable round of indoor bowls and a little spirited competition.

The clatter of bowls and the occasional burst of laughter fill the air as residents engage in friendly matches, showcasing their bowling prowess. As the end of each month approaches, excitement builds for the highly anticipated ‘championships’, a thrilling showdown where skill and sportsmanship take centre stage. The victorious champion is celebrated by all!

It’s not just the players who make the scene come alive; the support of enthusiastic spectators adds an extra layer of excitement. Friends and neighbours gather to cheer for the participants, turning the event into a communal celebration that goes beyond the boundaries of the wellness centre.

With unwavering focus and determination on some faces and pure enjoyment on others, indoor bowls at RFBI Coffs Harbour Masonic Village become an embodiment of social, physical, and mental stimulation.

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