Floral arrangements a blast from the past

Sonia Lim 5 Mar 2022
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We’re constantly uncovering stories from our resident’s pasts which are inspiring, touching and interesting. Recently we discovered one of our resident’s in RFBI Cessnock Masonic Village’s hidden skills and immediately took action to help her unleash her creativity again.

Our resident, Norma, casually expressed to a member of our team that she used to love doing floral arrangements and was actually a very successful florist for many years.

Our team member was so inspired by Norma that the very next day she came to work with a bucket of flowers so Norma could continue her love for florals. Norma is having a wonderful time creating floral arrangements which we are sharing all around the village for residents to enjoy.

It really is the little things that can make a world of difference to our residents!

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