Fine Dining Experience

Sonia Lim 8 Mar 2019

Invisible Assistance Crockery

At RFBI, we are constantly researching and implementing innovative ways to improve our resident’s quality and enjoyment of life. One very successful initiative is the establishment of RFBI’s Fine Dining Experience.

“Our Fine Dining Experience was established a couple of years ago and has seen every Village offer a unique restaurant like experience that residents and their guests can enjoy within the village.” commented Frank Price, CEO.

RFBI places importance in the meal experience and support maximum resident dignity. The introduction of two innovative dining aids have made a considerable difference to residents in our Villages.

Tasteful, high quality crockery that includes ‘invisible’ assistance such as the lipped plate and no tip mug have enhanced the dining experience for those with dexterity issues. We are delighted to hear positive responses from our residents; sharing with us that ‘they feel like everyone else’ and are socializing more with other residents and families during their meals.

New clothing protectors – replacing bibs have also made a big impact to our resident’s dining experience. Designed to look like a scarf or lapel cover, it can be worn by either a male or female resident to keep their clothes spotless throughout the meal.

These simple changes have substantial benefits for resident both physically and mentally and we are proud to be improving the quality of life in our villages.