Exploring the wonders of China in Coffs Harbour

Sonia Lim 16 Feb 2024
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In the cozy corners of RFBI Coffs Harbour Masonic Village, residents recently embarked on a journey of cultural discovery and adventure, all from the comfort of their armchairs. As Chinese New Year approached, anticipation filled the air, and residents eagerly awaited their virtual voyage to the enchanting land of China—a journey that immersed them in the traditions and celebrations of the beginning of a new year.

Through the magic of armchair travel, our residents were transported thousands of miles away to the bustling streets of Beijing, the majestic landscapes of Guilin, and the serene waters of the Li River.

We were fortunate that some of our guests had recently visited China and were able to share photos and stories of ancient traditions and vibrant Chinese New Year celebrations with residents and staff for us all to enjoy.

As the aroma of authentic Chinese cuisine wafted through the air, residents indulged in an array of delectable treats, including savoury dumplings, crispy spring rolls, and the quintessential fortune cookie.

But it was not just the flavours of China that captivated our residents; it was the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and tradition.

At RFBI we believe in the transformative power of cultural experiences to enrich the lives of our residents and foster a sense of belonging within our community. Armchair travel not only allows residents to explore the world from the comfort of home, but also encourages meaningful connections and lifelong learning.

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