Exploring cultures in Holt, Canberra

Sonia Lim 23 Mar 2023
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RFBI Holt Masonic Village (in Canberra) recently celebrated a multicultural day with residents and staff. The event was a celebration of the diverse cultures represented within the village, and it was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to come together and share their traditions.

Staff from different countries, including Australia, India, the Philippines, Nepal, New Zealand and Fiji, cooked a range of delicious cuisines native to their home country. Everyone enjoyed trying different foods and sharing stories about their cultures. It was a wonderful way to bring the community together and celebrate the rich diversity within the village.

To add to the festive atmosphere, staff also dressed in their traditional clothes, making the event even more colourful and vibrant. Management, staff, and residents had a great time, and the event was a huge success. It was also a great conversation starter to get village staff and residents to share, discuss and learn about different cultures.

At RFBI Holt Masonic Village, we believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and encourages community spirit.

To learn more about our village and how we foster a sense of community among our residents, visit our website.