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Sonia Lim 21 Aug 2023
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Laughter echoed through the halls of RFBI Leeton Masonic Village as residents came together to embrace the spirit of self-expression on Crazy Hair Day.

On this special day, the village was transformed into a riot of colours, patterns, and creativity. Residents let their imaginations run wild, adorning their hair with an array of unconventional styles, hats and hair pieces. As the balloons floated through the air and rock and roll music set the tone, the atmosphere brimmed with excitement.

The highlight of the day was the balloon games that had everyone having fun together. With music that made feet tap and hearts race, the residents participated with zest, showcasing their competitive spirit and enjoying every moment of the lively activities. The dressing up brought out hidden personalities as jokes were shared, laughter filled the air, and bonds were strengthened.

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