Easter celebrations in RFBI Villages bring joy

Sonia Lim 11 Apr 2023
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Residents and staff across the villages of RFBI celebrated Easter in style this year with a range of activities and events. From Easter hat parades to egg hunts, there was plenty of fun to be had for all.

Some residents have been busy making Easter crafts and hats, others have been baking Easter goodies, all have been celebrating together.

In RFBI Cessnock Masonic Village, the Leisure & Lifestyle team organised a wonderful Easter egg hunt around the facility and Easter bonnet parade for staff and residents. Even a visiting doctor, Dr. Wilmer, participated in the parade, which brought a good giggle to the residents. The day finished off with a raffle draw with special Easter-themed prizes, adding to the excitement of the festivities.

The Easter celebrations were a fantastic opportunity for residents to come together and enjoy the company of their fellow residents and staff. The activities were not only fun but also helped to promote a sense of community and belonging.

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