Dressing in red for a fun day at Tamworth

Sonia Lim 20 Jul 2022
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Our Leisure & Lifestyle teams love a themed day – we organise regular theme days across our villages based around charity events, places our residents have enjoyed visiting and even colours.

Our RFBI Tamworth Masonic Village team recently organised a dress in red themed day and put on lots of entertainment and experiences for residents to participate in. It was a lot of fun for our staff to dress up for the occasion and for our residents to put on a colour they might not usually wear and have some fun.

We had wonderful entertainment from Howie Brothers which residents sang along or danced to, and a yummy morning tea and lunch prepared by our wonderful Catering Team.

One of the highlights of the day was a special game we organised – a guessing game. We created a box and hid items in it for residents to feel, before guessing what the item was. Residents had a great laugh trying to work out what the items were based on just their sense of touch.

We topped the games off with a challenge to guess how many lollies were in a jar and asked residents to look at staff baby photos and guess who was who.

It was a lot of fun and residents were talking about the experience long after the day ended.

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