Donating another $200,000 to help our Aussie farmers

Sonia Lim 14 Aug 2019

RFBI donates $200,000 to Lions Cub Districts

RFBI recognises the dire circumstances and hardships farmers in rural areas of NSW are facing, which is why we are giving a further $200,000 to support farming families in other Lions Districts who have been impacted by drought.

This is not the first time RFBI has supported local farmers. In May 2019, we donated $175,000 in Dubbo to the Lions Club District 201N4 to provide hay to 150 farmers so that they could keep their animals alive.

RFBI Chairman, David Adams, commented that helping those in need is what RFBI does, and we will continue to do all we can to support farmers in our local communities.

“RFBI has been helping people in need for over 139 years and as an active member in each of our local communities, we know first hand the challenges farmers are facing right now.”

“In May we donated $175,000 to provide hay to 150 farmers so that they could feed their livestock. Since this time we have learned that farmers don’t just need feed for their livestock, they need support for themselves and their family too.”

“This donation is designed to help our local farming families and local communities. The money will be used to provide farming families with essentials and gift cards to spend within their local communities.”

A local farmer who knows first hand what drought can do to farming families is John Davis. John is a retired farmer who is now working closely with all Lions Club Districts and assisting their Drought Relief efforts.

“The drought affects everyone and social impact is huge.” Commended John Davis.

“Drought leads to water and food shortages and leads to job losses. Rural towns are struggling to survive.”

“On behalf of all our farmers in our District, thank you RFBI for your very generous donation.”

RFBI has been working closely with Anne Jones OAM from Lions Club District 201N4 who is coordinating the drought relief efforts. Ms Jones is grateful for RFBI’s support and stated that this money will go a long way towards helping local farmers.

“This is the most severe drought we have seen since 1902 and we sometimes forget what the impact of drought has on our farmers and their families.” Stated Anne Jones.

“RFBI has identified the importance of healthy minds and bodies to ensure our farmers and their families can continue the long journey ahead.”

“I am very grateful to RFBI for their generous donations and ongoing support. These funds will go a long way in helping our farmers address some of their personal needs and wellbeing.”

By assisting all three Lions Districts, RFBI has helped two-thirds of the state of NSW farmers.

RFBI is a not-for-profit organisation that provides quality aged care and services across NSW and ACT. Through our Benevolence Program, we continue a proud legacy of helping people in need. To find out more about RFBI or make a donation to our Benevolence Program, please visit rfbi.com.au.