David’s journey of connection and creativity

Sonia Lim 3 Aug 2023
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David, a cherished resident in RFBI Goulburn Masonic Village, has embarked on a remarkable journey made possible by the Connect the 40 program. Born in Wollongong and having lived in Manly and Goulburn, David’s life has been adorned with diverse experiences and passions.

David has had a remarkable life in ancient history, working as a steel processor and steward with Qantas, and moving between Wollongong, Manly and now living with us in Goulburn.

David keeps mostly to himself, reading books and watching documentaries. Single and with no children, he has few companions and often struggles to become involved in group activities in the village.

A generous supporter of the Connect the 40 initiative gifted David art classes. David has found a newfound passion for art and we have witnessed a transformation in his character. David loves talking with the instructor and uncovering his creative abilities. The joy radiating from David’s face while immersed in the artistic process is an immensely rewarding sight for all involved.

The art classes have become a bridge, connecting David with the community and helping him break free from his self-imposed isolation. The staff and fellow residents eagerly anticipate his involvement in future classes, witnessing the positive impact it has on his well-being and overall sense of fulfillment.

Thank you to the generous donor for this remarkable gift.

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