Coping with COVID-19 – Tip of the Week

Sonia Lim 29 Jul 2020

Technology has been a helping hand during this pandemic, allowing people to stay connected. If you are missing some of the face-to-face activities you enjoyed with friends and family, why not try a new virtual activity together.

There are so many fun options to choose from – here are some to get you started:

  • Learn a new skill together. There are lots of guided tutorials on YouTube you could try together, such as painting or drawing, origami, makeup, dancing or cooking. Recruit a few friends to all attempt the same tutorial and share your results.
  • Sign up for a fitness class. Many gyms are now offering online classes including yoga, pilates, and other living room-friendly exercises. Some are even free! Invite a few friends and sign up to a class together so you can keep each other motivated.
  • Host a trivia competition. Organise a time for a virtual chat and take turns preparing a round of trivia. It’s a great way to keep the mind active and have a bit of fun from afar.
  • Challenge one another to complete the things you’ve been ‘meaning to get to’. Most of us have something we’ve wanted to complete, but keep putting it off. From organising the pantry to painting a piece of furniture, encourage one another and then share your before and after pictures to celebrate.

For more tips on coping with COVID-19 visit https://rfbi.com.au//coping-with-covid19/