Connecting generations in Armidale

Sonia Lim 26 May 2021
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Bringing together the younger and older generations has been proven to offer countless benefits to both parties. For the children, it’s an opportunity to learn and connect with their seniors, and can improve their behaviour and attitude towards our elderly.

For our residents, it’s a chance to impart their knowledge and be surrounded by boundless energy, which often brings out their own. It adds to the sense of meaning in their lives and improves their overall wellbeing.

We’ve embraced intergenerational occasions within our villages by inviting local preschools and schools to visit our residents, or arranging for our residents to visit them. Our RFBI Armidale Masonic Village residents recently visited local preschool, Tiny Town, for the second time. Whilst during the first visit the children were shy, their second visit saw friendships blossom with our residents sitting with the 3-5 year old children to enjoy some craft.

After seeing the success of the visit and the friendships formed, we’ve made this a monthly occasion for our residents. As the residents were leaving, one little girl asked why they’d taken so many pictures, to which our 97-year-old resident, Bill, replied “to share with the others”. The little girl responded, “I wish everyone was able to come, but it is nice to share, isn’t it?”

Such wise words from a four-year-old. For more information on our RFBI Armidale Masonic Village click here.